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Frequently asked questions

Not so sure?

Why the name "back to vibrancy"?

I believe we were all meant to have vibrant lives, but sometimes environmental factors such as sleep, diet and chronic stress can get the best of us, preventing us from living in optimal health and leaving us feeling dull. I will help you make meaningful dietary and lifestyle changes that will get you back to your vibrancy in no time. 

Is holistic nutrition right for me?

Do you struggle with bloating, inability to lose/gain weight, diabetes, an autoimmune disorder, thyroid disorder, acne, fatigue, amenorrhea, acid reflux or any other nasty symptom that is holding you back from your vibrancy each day? Yes? Then you’re in the right place and I think you could benefit from the lifestyle and dietary changes we will implement together! 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes! I want to make getting healthy as cost effective to my clients as possible. Just inquire about this option while booking your first appointment. 

Does it matter where I live? 

The internet has made it so easy to connect with people around the world via call, chat or video, so it is not necessary that you be local to get great results while working with me! 

Still have questions?

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Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle that recognizes each person’s bio-individuality by listening to the body’s innate wisdom to address the root cause of any health issue. The Functional Evaluation process is used to further understand what the body is lacking in forms of supplements and/or food, so as to find nutrients that will fill in the gaps to create a sturdy foundation for overall wellness. 

What is nutritional therapy?

Health Basics


Meet with me 1-1 to dive deep into your health and wellness goals. We will address your bioindividual needs with a personalized meal plan and supplementation protocol. 

Nutritional Therapy 

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Bring your kitchen back to vibrancy with this one time kickstart class, where we will focus on your particular needs to help you eat back to vibrancy. 

Kitchen crash course 

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How i can help you 

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