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the plan for the next 30 days

Tuesday, 8/29 @ 1pm PST: bonus supplement call with Lauren- get access to our tried & true supplement list + ask questions & get personalized feedback (for VIP access only)

In our first week, I (Lauren) will break down the order of operations to detoxing your body, in order to heal your skin long-term. If you've been trying everything under the sun to clear your skin, but you're still not seeing progress, this week's topic is going to blow your mind. I'm going to be sharing the secret sauce to how my clients have ditched their acne in a matter of 1-2 months after struggling for years to see any progress whatsoever. 

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This week we will discuss the liver (aka the master detox organ that is responsible for over 500 functions in your body. Let's just put it this way, your liver's got 499 problems & your skin ain't one. During this training, you will learn how to support your liver from all angles (diet, supplements, lifestyle factors, etc.) so it can chill out and direct its focus to helping you get clear skin for once. 


TBA: call with this week's guest speaker  

Monday, 9/04 @ 4pm PST: weekly call with Lauren to go over this week's topic & get your new action steps

Tuesday, 9/05 @ 1pm PST: bonus skincare call with Lauren- get access to our tried & true product list + ask questions & get personalized feedback (for VIP access only)

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TBA: call with this week's guest speaker

In this training, we will discuss all things lymphatic system. Our lymph is a primary source of toxin drainage in our bodies, so if there's stagnation in your lymph, toxins end up recirculating in your body & with no other way out, they end up purging through your skin. With implementing the techniques you'll learn during this week, your breakouts will be healing in less than half the time & new breakouts will be few and far between. 


Monday, 9/11 @ 4pm PST: weekly call with Lauren to go over this week's topic & get your new action steps

TBA: call with this week's guest speaker 

this week's schedule...

For the finale, we are going to break down how to solidify and maintain the results you have achieved over our last 30 days together. Because who wants clear skin for a week just to have it come back like a wrecking ball the next week? No thanks! In this training, I will go over the reasons detoxification becomes impaired & we get acne in the first place, so you can eliminate them & maintain clear skin for good. 


TBA: call with this week's guest speaker  

Wednesday, 9/20 @ 4pm PST: weekly call with Lauren to go over this week's topic & wrap up the challenge 

this week's schedule...

Monday, 8/28 @ 4pm PST: kickoff call with Lauren to set intentions for the next 30 days & go over this week's topic 

this week's schedule...

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Guest Speakers

Meet Lisa
Lisa Schlosberg combines her expertise as a Social Worker (MSW), Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Public Speaker to help emotional eaters and chronic dieters around the world achieve mind-body-soul health and happiness. Exploring a menu of holistic healing techniques helped Lisa understand how her own lifelong “morbid obesity” and Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) were both physical symptoms of psychological stress, unexpressed emotion, and unprocessed trauma. Having successfully lost and maintained 150 pounds for more than a decade, Lisa’s mission is now to help people around the world overcome similar struggles by supporting them through the process of healing so they can live a life they love in the healthy body they were meant to have. 

Class Details
How do you feel when you look in the mirror? How do you feel when you see your skin? How do you feel when you’re breaking out? While these experiences occur on the physical dimension and involve our bodies, they also influence the way we feel mentally and emotionally. And, because our stress and state of our nervous system directly relate to our physical wellbeing, how we feel internally affects the way we look and behave externally. Rather than exploring more short-term band-aid solutions, the mind-body connection is our key to sustainable, holistic, long-term health and healing. Connecting the dots between trauma, stress, emotion, coping, health, and the well-being (and vibrancy!) of your skin, this discussion and Q&A will be a launchpad for participants to understand themselves and their relationship with their body in a new way and support them with practical knowledge and skills for establishing their healthiest and happiest lives moving forward.

Meet Melissa 

My body of work is centered around supporting you with the application of simple yet transformative practices beyond the logical mind and into the embodiment stage by bridging the gap between complex concepts and the actual integration of them into your way of being & direct experience of everyday life - to support the entirety of you - mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and soul.

Class Details 

Meet Alison
Alison Midollo is a certified yoga teacher and holistic health coach whoo helps clients overcome that “I have no time for me” mentality so that they can prioritize themselves by building sustainable healthy habits and nourishing self-care routines. Alison’s unique approach to the mind + body philosophy led her to create her own movement method, AMyoga. 

Class Details 
Alison will be guiding you through a unique restorative practice- a blend of reflective journaling, relaxing yoga, guided meditation & energy healing. You will be guided into stillness with the support of cozy props and pillows to help repair your nervous system, tap into deep relaxation and inner guidance, relieve stress, and improve digestion along with all mind and body functions.

Meet Alyse
At her core, Alyse is a change maker, dedicated to leading the way towards a brighter future for all of us. Through documenting her personal growth journey on social media, offering coaching, and hosting retreats, Alyse has inspired and supported over 700,000 people around the world. Her lighthearted spirit and wisdom beyond her years bring forth an easeful environment for healing and transformation. 

Class Details 
Alyse will introduce you to the core survival patterns that contribute to acne and how the way we relate to our symptoms tends to keep us stuck in a cycle of perpetuating what we don’t actually want. She will share key practices for getting out of these unconscious patterns and into conscious creation, followed by a guided meditation to help regulate your nervous system for deep healing and relaxation.

Guest Speaker: Melissa Alvarez // Energetics

Guest Speaker: Lisa Schlosberg // Trauma-Informed Coaching

Guest Speaker: Alison Midollo // Restorative Yoga

Guest Speaker: Alyse Brautigam // Nervous System Regulation

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VSA Client Testimonials

VSA Client Testimonials

" From over a decade of acne, doctors, multiple food fears, blaming hormones and over analyzing everything I put in my body...I am finally at a place where I am truly happy with my skin. Its not near perfect, but this is from ONE month of working with Lauren. She has been the biggest blessing and helped me more than anyone on my long road to clear skin. I honestly was to the point where I thought clear skin was not attainable. I was starting to develop unwanted anxiety, negative mindset and stress because of the constant breakouts. I felt like I couldn't get to the next step in my healing journey. Working with someone who can truly help you heal and get to the root of you acne is key! I could cry writing this because you never know how bad acne can truly affect someone until you've experienced it yourself. Healing is possible ❤"

- Jessica 

"VSA has truly been a life changing program. I went in with the expectation of achieving clear skin but came out with so much more. The program is so robust and each part of it is essential to achieving clear skin. Not only has my skin cleared up since starting the program, but I’ve also learned a lot about mindset, diet, hormones and more. My mindset has done a complete 180, my periods are less intense, my PMS symptoms have basically disappeared, my energy levels are back up and overall I’m feeling well (which I haven’t felt in a long time!) I also now have a great tool box of resources and information that I can continue using if needed. Finally, this program has been incredibly supportive. Meeting and connecting with women who are struggling with the same skin issues and being able to hear their stories has been powerful. The sense of community and togetherness you feel in this program can’t be recreated elsewhere. If you’re struggling with acne and want out of the birth control/harsh topical rat race, I can’t recommend this program enough."

- Kami 

"Taking part in the VSA program is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I cannot emphasize enough how truly life changing it has been for me. Before I started, I was struggling with acne on my chin, severe digestive problems, energy crashes/headaches, constant fatigue, and I wasn’t having a period all while I thought I was being healthy. Now, my acne is gone, my digestion is a million times better, my energy is higher and consistent throughout the day, and I have a regular period. On top of that, we addressed my mindset, which I didn’t even know was necessarily a problem or related to my struggles at all. However, the shift in my mindset, how I think, and how I view myself has been HUGE. I went from hating myself and thinking nothing but negative thoughts about myself to gaining a newfound confidence and finally understanding what it means to show myself unconditional love. Because of these physical, mental, and emotional changes I’ve experienced, I feel so much better and as if I’m a completely different person in the best way possible. Thanks to VSA, I’ve figured out what is actually healthy for my body, instead of just guessing and trying random things based on what worked for other people. I originally started this program simply to get holistic help in healing my acne, but I got SO much more. There will never be enough words to portray how thankful I am for Lauren and VSA!"

- Sidney

"Before VSA I had gone through other acne coaching programs, I had taken dozens of supplements and tried so many skin care products and nothing was working. I was really just over it. Thousands of dollars down the drain. So investing in this program was both easy and difficult. Easy because I was really motivated to have clear skin and difficult because it was another investment that may not work. Luckily, it was worth every penny.
Having blood-work analyzed was a big reason why I chose VSA, I felt confident that Lauren would help me find the root cause of my acne. She didn’t disappoint.

I just want to scream in every Acne facebook group - VSA IS YOUR ANSWER. I thought I knew a lot about acne after 15 years of having it, but I was shocked at what I learned from Lauren, especially about what was going on with me personally. I feel like I now have the tools I need to continue healing and maintaining clear skin and I’m glad to know I can revisit the videos and documents any time I need a refresh. I will definitely be missing our weekly group calls — it’s really nice to have a community that understands what you are going through! I’m glad this program wasn’t just focused on the surface level acne, but also the underlying issues, both physical & emotional. This isn’t just any old acne program, this is THE acne program to be in. Thank you Lauren!

- Caitlin

"Before finding Lauren and starting the VSA program I had tried so many things for my acne - facials, expensive retinols, different diets, cleanses and countless supplements..but none of it really helped. I'm not even done with her program yet and my skin has already dramatically cleared up. I've also learned so much and improved my diet! The habits and knowledge I've learned in VSA will stick with me for life. Lauren is super knowledgable and I can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients health and skin. "

- Amy

"I highly recommend VSA to anyone wanting to dive deep into overall health + getting to the root cause of acne!! This program has impacted more areas of my life than just acne. Lauren is super helpful + works really hard to personalize the experience for each client to give them exactly what they need."

- Kelly 

"Before joining this program, I was struggling with really bad breakouts both hormonal and not. I was also struggling with gut issues, energy levels and self confidence. With all that tied together I felt so down about myself for both my appearance and lack of motivation/drive for doing anything. It was hard to get out of my head and be happy with what I saw in the mirror, not only physical appearance but with the way I was mentally shutting down. With how unhappy I was becoming it was taking a toll on every aspect of my life and I decided to do something about it. I wanted to live a natural life but that seemed out of reach to live naturally without all these problems I was seeing. Coming off hormonal birth control was just adding to my issues, my body didn't know how to regulate itself and I needed help. Thankfully, I found VSA and after my first talk with Lauren thought it sounded like a perfect fit for me and the changes I wanted to make in my life. This program has taught me so much that I cannot begin to tell you about it all, to say it was worth the money is an understatement! Before this I had tried just about everything else and had done nothing but waste time and money on failed attempts at clearing my skin. This program taught me how to go to the basics in life and start there, a sort of deep clean on yourself ( without all the toxins(; ) My biggest wins from this were: learning how many toxic things I was doing on a daily basis from warming up food in the microwave to wiping down my counters, give my body time and be patient with it, and to understand the complexity of everything I do and the way it impacts my mind and body. At first all the changes this program talked about seemed to be a lot and I was nervous to invest in it all, switching all my laundry and cleaning products, new skincare products, pasture raised based food. At first it all seemed overwhelming but doing it in chunks really helped the wallet and most importantly to see how each change truly did help me. 

After this program, I feel so different! Knowing what goes into my body is helping it and not hurting it is a sense of relief I cannot describe, and it makes me physically and mentally feel better on a daily basis. I don't feel like I am dragging myself around, my motivation is back and my energy levels are finally where I want them. I never feel bloated anymore or struggle to digest anything. Mostly, I don't hate what I see when I look in the mirror. My skin has cleared up so much. Is it completely perfect? No and part of this program taught me that literally no skin is but mine is as close as can be. I still get pimples but I now know what the cause is, how to help it heal faster and believe me they do! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels they are in the shoes I once was, don’t waste your time and money on products that claim to “fix” things overnight. Spend it on this program, learn about your body, your root needs and what makes your specific body thrive and be the best version of itself it can be. I promise it's worth it!"

- Kelsie

"After completing the VSA program while working alongside Lauren I am leaving with a hoard of valuable knowledge on how to prevent and treat the root cause of my acne. This program has not only helped to decrease my skin inflammation but transformed how I approach clearing my acne. I have shifted from wanting to clear my skin for physical appearance reasons to learning to love myself at every step of the journey with or without acne. This is huge for me because my mindset is something that has always held me back. Especially when clearing acne you want a stress free mental environment and that is something I was able to achieve while completing the VSA program. I am grateful for Lauren and my group's guidance each week I will remember the advice, protocols and support I received here long after it is over!"

- Ryann

"I initially found Lauren as I was scrolling through Instagram, had stopped on one of her videos and thought to myself "wow, each symptom/characteristic she is describing pertains exactly to my history/feelings toward my acne journey." I had been started on spironolactone my senior year of college as my skin flared with hormonal acne that no topical product would touch. Fast forward a year and half later and I was still on the same medication but wanting to come off. When I signed up for VSA, Lauren was so positive and encouraging about my goal to come off of spironolactone therapy. She tailored my protocols directly to me and my goals, making sure each new protocol was adjusted when my body and mind were ready. Not only did she help me transition off a medication but she worked closely with me as I attempted to navigate the protocols while starting a new job on nightshift. Throughout this program I saw a major mindshift change from where I was craving sugar and had somewhat stable habits to motivating myself to have a positive daily routine and a better relationship with food. This program gave me the tools to improve my overall health (gut, mind, body, skin). With each coaching call, you can see that Lauren is truly invested in you and your results.

- Jocelyn 

"The program opened my eyes to an entirely new approach to life. No matter the severity of your symptoms, this program will bring change to anyone's life for the better. I learned how powerful my mind is and how willingness to change can bring you so far. I totally came in looking for a clear solution, but instead I learned how to create my own solution, which is even better. Sure, my gut needed help, but my head and my heart are where the majority of my problems and my healing came from. Overall, I am incredibly grateful that Lauren pushed me to become the best version of myself!"

- Katie

"Before doing the Vibrant Skin Accelerator program, I experienced deep, cystic acne, small red bumps, redness, zits, and dry, but oily, skin on my face and neck on and off for 15 years. I also had yearly additional skin issues that ranged from eczema, staph infection, pityriasis rosea, perioral dermatitis and many others. I visited multiple dermatologists and medical doctors who would "take a look," and offer me a prescription and a follow up appointment. I was on birth control for years, did a round of accutane, was constantly on oral and/or topical antibiotics and steroids. I never had a doctor ask me about the foods I ate, my mental health, or my daily habits. Lauren asked me all of these questions before I even signed up for her program. Her questions were tailored to ME and my daily habits. She created a customized protocol with recommendations on how to gradually improve my lifestyle to begin to heal my body and my face. She also accounted for the life stage I am in as a nursing mother, with careful attention to recommendations that would not harm my baby. Lauren cared about getting my skin healthy, but cared even more about getting ME healthy - something I wasn't even aware that I needed before the program.

Leaving the 16 weeks, I still have acne, but have laid an enormous amount of groundwork and can already tell a great difference in many of the other factors that play a role in acne. She also didn't let me just leave the program without a new protocol and the intention to continue healing me until I do see the results I am hoping for. The Vibrant Skin Accelerator taught me more about acne, the way my body works, the way food is made than any other class, program, or doctor has ever taught me. I'm so thankful I found it, and I would recommend it to anyone who has the desire to heal!

- Susie 

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